Juliet – The City of Love

The building, dating back to the 13th century, was long property of the Cappello family, whose coat of arms is carved on the internal arch of the courtyard. The identification of the Cap with the Capulets gave rise to the belief that there was the home of Juliet, heroine of Shakespeare’s tragedy. The medieval residence painstakingly restored by Antonio Avena in the mid-1930s, has been in the recent past used for temporary exhibitions.

The building has a beautiful internal brick façade, a gothic style portal, three-lancet windows, a balustrade that connects the various parts of the house from the outside and, of course, the famous balcony.

In the courtyard there is a bronze statue of Juliet, by the sculptor Nereo Costantini. Juliet’s house is one of the evocative venues that the city makes available to newlyweds for the celebration of their marriage.