The historic center of Verona is all limited traffic area. In recent years, the cycle paths that connect the center with the surrounding areas have been increased. This makes the bicycle the ideal way to visit the ancient city. You can also quickly reach those monuments such as the Venetian and Austrian walls and doors, San Zeno, San Giorgio, the Roman Theater, normally visible in the guided tour only if you are equipped with a coach or car. Unlike the coach, with the bike, however, you can at the same time comfortably come up front, and in some cases even inside, churches, buildings and museums of Verona, optimizing the time when the tour guide is available to visit Verona.

For those who want energy and a bit of training, it is also possible to climb up to the hills, to Castel San Pietro or even to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Lourdes, from where you can enjoy the splendid view of the city and visit some Austrian forts.